Property Finding
the right way to find and buy a home

This is how we operate and the integrated services we offer    

Contact our Property Finders! The Realizza offices are multi-service spaces organised to meet your every need with integrated services as you search for your property, using the best methods of selection, verification, and financing to purchase it.

Are You searching for a home?
For Buyer From the search for the perfect house to its verification and the signing of the deed in complete security: we optimise all phases of buying and selling for you.

Do you want to sell your house?
For sellers A large network, important partnerships and a financially selected and profiled customer portfolio

The home you are looking for exists, we know how to find it!

Realizza is a large network of Property Finders which operates nationwide, a network of real estate professionals specialised in the targeted selection of properties and in all the operations necessary to lead you on a fast, secure, and carefree buying process.

Who is the Property Finder and what do they do?

He or she is a professional specialised in searching for properties. Thanks to their technical skills, knowledge of the market and a network of experienced and reliable partners (credit consultants, experts, notaries, lawyers), they guarantee customers the advantage of finding exactly what they are looking for, dealing with all the operations and checks necessary to close the deal in an advantageous and serene way.

A large network: collaborating with Real Estate Agencies

Collaborating closely with real estate agencies, the Property Finder is able to survey the entire market, giving greater visibility to the offers of partner agencies and proposing themselves as trusted consultants in the search, negotiation, verification, and purchase of the right house. The properties found are certified and made available to customers and all collaborating Real Estate Agents.

To make the best decision: an expert at your service

Having thorough knowledge of the real estate market, and a network of contacts and highly innovative professional tools such as Casashare, allows the Property Finder to analyse the market in its entirety, evaluating and selecting rapidly only the best, meaning the solution that truly responds to the customer's requests.

Buying a home in total security

Once the Customer has confirmed his or her choice, the Property Finder manages all the negotiation phases. The property is certified with VerifiCasa, indicating when the expert and compliance assessment was carried out and verifying that all the technical features of the property (urban planning, cadastral, condominium) are free of defects, leading to the purchase in a serene and advantageous way.

Further information
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