Are You a Real Estate Agent?

Get maximum visibility for your properties, collaborate with Realizza Property Finders!                                                                                                                                                                  

Owing to our network and the use of innovative services we can find the perfect buyer for your properties. This is why:

  • Targeted proposals: for our customers we carefully select only the right properties, that’s why we’re sure of the operation’s successful outcome.
  • Quickness:  time is important, we know how to combine the needs of our customers with your real estate proposals, this makes everything easier, without waste time or indecision.    
  • Efficiency: like you we are real estate professionals; this allows us to conduct the entire procedure through to the deed, professionally, punctually and without unpleasant surprises.

Expand the target of your proposals, make your real estate portfolio known to a new base of potential buyers! Realizza actively collaborates with top real estate agencies all over Italy. 

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